About Us

Our Story

Mardini fabrics is a Cairo-based textile company, for over 80 years occupying a leading position in Egypt and MENA region as one of the best producers and retailers for high-end fine fabric and textile.

Our story of excellence has started back in 1933 when Mardini Fabrics was first established as a high-quality fabrics manufacture. It expanded in the year 1954 to launch the retail business line to directly serve customers through specializes showrooms.

Through the years, we have gained the trust of the market by providing an outstanding level of quality of fabrics and textile that are fashionable, chic and luxurious.

Mardini Fabrics offers a wide range of fabrics selection that are mainly used for household and business upholstery and drapery, made of different quality materials, designed with thousands of original trendy designs and colored by the best coloring technologies and methodologies in the global.

Today, and after 8 decades of success, Mardini Fabrics has kept its commitment to its customers to continue to provide quality products and optimum service for years to come.


Our mission is to achieve our goals of excellence and quality through continuing to deploy the best and most up-to-date textile technologies and machineries in the world and retain the best calibers of designers and color printing consultants in the market.


We have a vision to expand to be the market leader manufacturer and retailer of fine high-end fabrics and textile for household and business in MENA region, and to sustain being a world-class textile producer and a strong global competitor through fostering excellent quality into our products and services